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Engineered with excellence... Installed with skill.

Perfection is the standard that guides the flooring materials we select.  We only choose flooring that we would put in our homes and businesses.  Flooring that is engineered to work hard, will not fall apart or wear out, and that you will want to live with.  Flooring that even after years of service still appeals to your style.  Flooring that makes you feel welcome when you come home.

Our team of professional installers is highly skilled and we choose excellence as our standard.  They take the beautiful product you have selected and make it look showroom-perfect by getting the details right, presenting the flooring's natural qualities as they are meant to look, giving you a floor you enjoy looking at and living with.



Access to the most popular flooring brands for every style, taste and budget.

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Let the light shine in with these beautiful window coverings. Open during the day while affording privacy by night.

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A near endless selection of paint colours including access to the Artisan Distinctive Canadian Colour collection.

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We can help you maximize your time outdoors with a virtually maintenance free place to entertain and relax.

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We are a locally owned and operated company covering the Central Alberta market both residentially and commercially. Presently, the company's team consists of a dozen of the most talented and dedicated individuals in their profession, many of whom have been with the company for over a decade.  Our intention is to foster lasting relationships built on outstanding customer service and quality.  We are passionate about providing services and products that are of the best value and quality.  With our qualified and experienced team, we are more than capable of managing, meeting, and exceeding our client's expectations.